Becker Earthmoving and Slashing provides block slashing and yard clean-up for big or small projects. 

We can access through normal garden gates down side of house where larger machines can’t.


Fully insured and highly trained


Behind the scenes we have full comprehensive insurance covering all our machinery and work on the job. Simply brief us on the type of slashing or earthmoving work you need and we will give you a free quote. We know our machine and its capabilities inside out, so you can let us guide you on how many hours the machine will need on the job. We usually achieve more than expected, and come in under budget.

Meet your operator

past Projects

For more than 10 years, Timothy Becker has provided machinery operation skills for developers in significant construction projects. Becker knows the ins and outs of machinery and job planning like no one else, and his knowledge can make an earthmoving and slashing project, and ongoing yard maintenance plan, a breeze.

access and ability


  • Bamboo clearing & garden reclaim
  • Driveway preparation & gravel spreading
  • Lantana removing & reclaiming buildings from overgrowth
  • Backfilling dam & removing fence posts
  • Level & spreading top-soil for turf
  • Earthmoving, clearing & slashing

our services

  • Firetrail clearing
  • Intricate excavations (side of surface)
  • Truck Deliveries and Debris Removal
  • Spreading and re-surfacing

​Equipment and Skills to meet your needs.

START WORK with the right plan in place

We have a tracked skid steer loader with heavy duty hydraulic slasher mounted on the front (+ trencher, auger, bucket, and pallet lifter).

Because of the low centre of gravity and the low ground pressure we are able to slash paddocks with greater slopes, and soft ground without making a mess of your pastures. Our 4 in 1 bucket makes leveling yards and excavations a breeze.

Being only 1220mm wide we can access through normal garden gates down side of house where larger machines can’t.

  • Posthole digging for fencing
  • Moving pallets and turf
  • General bulldozer & machine work
  • Landscaping & Turf Delivery

Timothy Becker is a highly trained and experienced in operating Tower and Mobile Cranes, Excavators, Tractors and Bobcats.

He has extensive knowledge of job planning, OH&S, and budgeting.

timothy becker

Operator and Owner

We know that our reputation is only as good as the results of our last job.  Word of Mouth is the foundation of our business.

meet JOB milestones & FINISH ON TIME

We also offer a 1.7t excavator with a full array of buckets along with a hydraulic rock hammer for concrete demolition.

With its 900mm width and 180 degree rotating hitch, we can undertake the most intricate trimming, shaping and earthwork projects.

Some of the services we provide with this machine are post hole boring, under-house excavations, pool excavations, trenching, footings, driveway excavations, tree removals, landscaping, site clean-ups, water tank clearing and leveling, and drainage.

We are available for emergency and night-time requests including animal burials, sand-bank/beach work, tree removals and fire-breaks.

We are based in Bowravile, NSW, Australia.
We service between Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie.

 Ph: 02 6564 7138    |     Mob: 0407 436 648

  • Narrow access
  • Clearing small scrub
  • Combo Hire with Operator
  • Driveway preparation

We have a tracked skid steer loader with heavy duty hydraulic slasher mounted on the front, plus trencher, auger, bucket, and pallet lifter.

Tim operates on-site with a Bobcat, Excavator, Bulldozer and Tractor.

  • Driveway Extension
  • Environmental Rehabilitation for Local Land Services NSW
  • Preparing site and building retaining walls
  • Old building structure removals for new building site


Finish on time and under budget